Extremely thin... (my wallet)
orz.... I'm broke....
Just bought 2 doujinshi only! thus to be broke at the end of the month! 
I wish I could go to Comiket 72 and grabbed this piece at the event myself!
Now the price is going up from 1,800 yen (if I bought it from Comiket72) to 6,000 yen and above....
I'm collecting  Yamada Fumika's works.
As far as I know, Yamada Fumika has released 6 doujinshi of HijiOki since 2006
And now I have 3 from 6 already! 3 more to go!! Ganbare!!
Ah... 6000s yen for 206 pages of HijiOki...well, it's acceptable since it's quite rare.

(I've never spent money on the textbook which cost more than 6,000 yen myself!
and now I just let 6,000s yen goes  for 1 doujinshi....how miserable my life is...)

Oh...I saw the bedsheet of Gin-san and Hijikata on Yahoo.jp
20,000 yen for Hijikata bedsheet, 18,000 yen for Gin-san bedsheet!!
I think I bought it 8000 yen only.
Whoa.... I was lucky at that time.

This is what I call TSUNDERE - desaa.
This journal has been taken by FUJOSHIs already.
If you feel don't like it, just close the page, and I'm sorry XD

I haven't updated my journal for a whileeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.
Seems like I'm very busy ne? (the truth is I just lack of inspiration)
Yeah...actually I was busy with my graduation :D (AH! FINALLY!!)
Now come back to the topic
Can I call this a fanfic? or whatever?
Hijikata and Okita from Gintama
They are cute together, I enjoy seeing them fight each other. (SADO??)
After I move to Tokyo ,at the end of this year
you can see me at Hiji-Oki only event, and OkiHiji summit. I'll be there for sure.
so wait for meeeeeee!! I'm saving all of my bucks for the dojiinshis at both events!!!

Suki? Kirai!? Suki!! (Love? Hate!? Love!!) sung by Kugimiya Rie -ARU
(Lyrics taken from here)
Please listen to the song while enjoy a lot of funny Okita VS Hijikata moments XD

Wah!! It's It's It's .... Mitsuba!!

I went around youtube tonight and found this vid just uploaded 


A preview of ep. 86 

Man...I'm too excited >_<


I'm sick of ........................
Everythings seem to be messed up!
While my final exam is coming...it's on next Monday
A lot of works to do
I'm still stuck in the half way
And people just kept telling me what they want me to do!
Sure! They just concentrated on their business! too selfish!
Kept asking again and again.

"Bored someone else with your questions"

I feel like they are trying to take advantages from me all the time...
I'm fed up

A tribute to Nodame and Chiaki's clip

My first mv. tribute to my golden couple " Chiaki-sama and Nodame" 
with Konnani Chikaku de song from Crystal Kay
Yeah! You know this song is ED from Nodame Cantabile anime
really cute song indeed :)
Enjoy :p

Nodame comparison : Manga & Anime
Here I made comparision of Nodame manga to Nodame anime :p
Don't mention about Drama.
I don't know why people always compare anime with drama, it should be compared with manga; the original work of Nodame.
So I made this :p with my personal view only
enjoy :p
Chiaki was hit by Harisen
Note : He didn't fall to the floor
Poor Chiaki...
First met
Can you remember last nigh?
Note: Nodame asked with cute smile ; not hentai smile

Another hit from Nodame
Note : He didn't fly. LOL and Nodame said Bukya!?? (anime said Gyabu! - if I'm not wrong)
Chiaki senpai...?
Note : Anime didn't show how hard Chiaki had to find the vacumn,
I miss this scene, it can make a good laugh
Don't mess it just in 2nd bar!!
Note : Nodame said "bukya" not "gyaboooooo- drama"
Another hit from Chiaki
Note : Nodame said "Gyahi???"
Sono kao yamero!!
Note : Chiaki seems not so tough in anime ne?
They should put more scenes for Chiaki taught Nodame badly.
Shocked Chiaki!
Note : Nodame didn't mention about "she is neat even look like this??" in anime
Shampoo scene
Note : see how those 2 present! Ha Ha Ha ,but Chiaki-anime said nothing in this scene

Is this "falling in love?
Note : Good laugh! Ha Ha Ha

Piss off!!!

I just dropped my Thai soft sub project for Nodame Cantabile.
Too bad!! there is someone who I don't know if he's gonna use my free sub for his commercial or not, but it pissed me off already!

Why am I thinking like that? Are there any reasons?

Yes! there are some reasons to made me think of that badly.
Cuz of his price he set is too cheap!!!
Cheap as there's no cost of translating, only the cost of DVD!!

Economy of scale??? what ever!! It seems like he tends to use other's sub rather than translating by himself!!

I distribute it for free! but if there's someone who wants to take advantages from that I won't allow!! 


I'll release my free soft sub again after the conclusion that he won't use any part of my sub for his own sake!!!


Pics from Nodame festival
My acquaintances K.Karn and Pompoko went to Nodame festival
And I just want to share you some pictures :)

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Pompoko was going to enter the festival area

Here's a pic from anime
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Some activities
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Seems a lot of fun ne~!
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Last one, the mangoose :)
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Tomorrow the first thesis presentation will begin
Luckily, my turn is on next four days
Anyway, I have to do something with my proposal, it needs a lot of corrections.

Talking about the paper makes me feel bad, I didn't pay attention to my paper much, and now I feel like bad luck on me to choose this topic.

Speaking of topic, others seem really bad and can't get me interest at all. I don't understand why they still want to do, the topic is so easy nah.

Maybe Chiaki-sama and Nodame cantabile can bring back my power :) I love this live action badly :)

Bad news ever!!!
Acually I watched Nodame live action in Youtube because my internet block me from using bittorrent.
And now... All Nodames in Youtube were deleted due to Fuji TV request.
Man! How can they do that! Files posted in Youtube all are low quality.
Who can take advatages from the low quality video clips like those???
And posting in Youtube can be thire marketing. People promoted their series without any pay from Fuji TV. What are they thinking??
Poor me...
Where can I find Nodame live action from now on?

I just upset and disappointed.


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